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    National Service Hotline:13906129986
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    Customer service:13906129986 13921082222


    Changzhou Dell Curtain Wall Co., Ltd. was established in 1992, located in China beautiful, fertile Yangtze River Delta region - Changzhou City, close to Shanghai Port. We are the first manufacturer which have the full set of complete production process from aluminium ingot,melting,casting and rolling,cold rolling,roll coating,spray coating , composite,metal plate We are the large scale production and export enterprises large enterprises ,our product have aluminium coil/sheet,aluminium composite panel/honeycomb panel,metal decorating thermal insulation panel,aluminium ceiling,ceiling substrate,Aluminium square tube/buckle/grilles,aluminium veneer/corrugated plate,heat-reflective metal roof. The company covers an area of 80,000 square meters, total sales of $ 1 billion per year. And 70% of our products exported to Europe, the Middle East, Russia and Southeast Asia, 30% used in the domestic well-known projects.

    We have introduced the latest fluorocarbon film technology from Germany and can provide 20 years quality assurance.In particular,Made a comprehensive quality assurance for the disadvantages of the thermal transfer and color roll coating is not weather resistant.For stone pattern color and wood color and other color coating aluminum coil ,aluminum composite panel used in in exterior wall decoration,the quality is excellent and more reliable. 

    The products are widely used in the construction of metal curtain walls, wall decoration, corrugated plate, metal roof, metal ceiling, interior decoration, machine ship, vehicle decoration, ad…

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    Customer service:13906129986 13921082222

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    Customer service:13906129986 13921082222


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